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Who Are We Atharva Bio Products is a leading manufacturer of various Environment Friendly Bags. We seeks to re-imagine & contribute towards our environment with our value and trade ethics to drive transformation in our sector, in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner.


Fashioned from the nature, restituted to the nature.


Driven by the ideals of purpose & utility at the core.


A conscious collaboration of ethics and aesthetics.


100% compostable bags

“Where the material comes from”

A plastic made from a bio based origin such as corn, sugar, or starch, as opposed to a fossil-based carbon source. Bio based plastics are also called “plant-derived” or products that are derived from “new carbon” or “organic carbon,” or “renewable carbon.” 

“Where the material goes after use”

A plastic that biodegrades in some time frame that is relevant, meaning it will decompose in closer to a year than 1,000 years, which is a Normal rate for fossil fuel-based plastics. Compostable products 100% degrade in soil and water within 180 to 240 days only

Home Compostable

Home compostable products and materials are designed to break down and compost in a home compost environment, at ambient temperatures and with a natural microbial community. This is what sets these products apart from their commercially compostable counterparts. One of the newest and yet most common home compostable bioplastics, and is made from a canola-oil base. When combined with other home compostable components, it also retains all of the necessary characteristics of petroleum-based plastics, while being able to compost at the end of its life.

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Benefits of Bio Products With a zeal for customer centric approach we implement state of the art modern technology to deliver best in class products at the most competitive rates to our valued customers.

Less time to break down After being disposed, bio goods take significantly less time to break down, are absorbed by the ground, and there will be far less plastic in our landfills.

Renewable Bio goods are made from completely biodegradable materials. Products have a distinct benefit in that they can be reused more effectively.

Require less Energy Non-biodegradable items need less than half the energy to manufacture. This means that the same amount of energy may be used to create twice as many biodegradable goods.

Toxic Free There are no chemicals or poisons in bio goods, thus they are absolutely safe. Bio products decompose and are absorbed into the ground in an environmentally friendly manner. fix the problem of plastic pollution for future generations

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